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The Barefoot Bug

Here at Willis Street Physiotherapy we’ve been passionate about minimalist footwear for a while now. We’ve stocked the Vibram FiveFingers since June 2010 and have had great results working with our clients, many of whom have benefited from transitioning over to a ‘barefoot’ shoe, and with athletes and sports enthusiasts who have come to see us having caught the ‘barefoot bug’.

Concept Store

We’re now taking it up a notch with the foundation of ‘Freedom Feet’ biodynamic footwear. Visit the Freedom Feet biodynamic footwear store within our Central Wellington Clinic. We have the full NZ range of Vibram FiveFingers and a gym area for you to try out the shoes.


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Please visit the Freedom Feet website devoted to biodynamic footwear.
You can now buy the shoes online and access articles, information and reviews.