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If your discomfort, pain or injury is accepted as an accident by ACC, then they will fund some of your treatment costs. You can come directly to us whether or not the injury is covered by ACC. You do not need to see your GP first. If we have any concerns about your injury at any stage then we will contact your GP. You will need to give full details of the accident and complete an ACC form. We will advise you of whether your claim is likely to be accepted by ACC and will provide all the paperwork.

You can find out more about what is/isn’t covered by ACC here.

We can also directly refer you for private x-rays or ultrasound scans if we feel this to be appropriate in the management of your injury. If your injury is accepted by ACC then they will also contribute to the cost of these investigations.

The following pricing is effective from 1 January 2015. We offer Student Pricing which is open to all students with a valid ID card.

With ACC Initial 40 min assessmentand treatment $52 surcharge* Follow-up 20 minute assessmentand treatment $37 surcharge*
Private (non-ACC) Initial 40 min assessmentand treatment $87 Follow-up 20 minute assessmentand treatment $67
Community Services Card Holders (with a valid CSC card)        
With ACC Initial appointment

$32 surcharge*

Follow-up appointment $22 surcharge*
Private (non-ACC) Initial appointment $57 Follow-up appointment $42
Students (with a valid ID card)      
With ACC  Initial appointment $32 surcharge* Follow-up appointment $22 surcharge*
Private (non-ACC)  Initial appointment $57 Follow-up appointment $42
All Campus Staff (bring in your lanyard as proof)       
With ACC Initial appointment $40 surcharge* Follow-up appointment $30 surcharge*
Private (non-ACC) Initial appointment $75 Follow-up appointment $60
Running Biomechanics Non-student / Non-ACC $87  Student / Non-ACC $72
  Non-student / ACC $57 surcharge* Student / ACC $32 surcharge*
Massage Massage 30 min $55 Massage 45 min $75
  Massage 60 min $90 Massage 90 min $120

We have a direct billing arrangement with Allianz for International Students insured on the student safe policy.

We offer same or next day appointments. Book an appointment online today.

* Why the surcharge?

ACC contribute to the rehabilitation of your injury, by providing partial funding for the physiotherapy services offered in this clinic.

Your surcharge pays for provision of accredited, highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists providing quality care in a convenient central city location.