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Prevent and Educate

Willis Street Physiotherapy have extensive specialist experience working with employers to prevent and manage pain, discomfort and injury that occurs in the workplace, or that impacts an employees ability to function effectively in the workplace.

Workshops and Seminars

Our most popular workshops  are ‘Sitting, Standing, Lifting and Handling’ and ‘Backcare 101’, These can be tailored to your specific workplace to give relevant strategies to manage the risks faced by your employees.

Workshops and seminars are run by our experienced physiotherapists. Typically we find if there are more than around 15-20 attendees, we supply 2 physiotherapists to deliver the seminar to ensure everyone is effectively engaged in the practical aspects of the seminar. 

Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screening

If you are recruiting an employee for a task that has specific physical requirements, such as heavy lifting, bending, gardening or walking, then we can complete a musculsokeletal assessment to give you detailed information on their suitability for the role. We may suggest minor modifications to their work environment or tasks that will help prevent any problems developing.

Work Station Assessment

For those employees who are starting to experience niggly pain or discomfort when at their workstation, then getting an early review by an experienced physiotherapist can be a turning point that resolves the issue before it becomes an entrenched workplace pain/injury/discomfort claim.

Some employers can be really proactive and get the whole office screened. This can be a really cost effective way of ensuring the whole team are sitting comfortably.

Early Intervention 

The idea of ‘Early intervention’ is something we are passionate about. In a nutshell ‘Early Intervention’ means ensuring that your employees can access physiotherapy at the onset of discomfort. In our experience this prevents niggles becoming problems. The best way to actually make this happen is for the employer to fund access to physiotherapy sessions (usually using an occupational health/team leader or health and safety officer) to manage access. Once we are involved in the case, we will communicate with the key stakeholders and work towards an optimum resolution. Typically this means the employee remains at work, pain quickly resolves and the employee / employer relationship is strengthened.

Read more about Early Intervention here.


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