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We have developed a series of workshops which educate the individual as to potential risk areas, specifically associated with sitting, standing, lifting and handling. These include job-specific applications and techniques to reduce the forces at the regions furthest from the trunk.

We generally have similar anatomy and biomechanics and interact with our everyday environment in similar ways. We will use job-specific examples and to this end it would be necessary to visit and photograph different aspects of each job situation. We can then produce examples of how to apply our philosophy, including which stretches or strengthening exercises are most relevant for each particular job.

Importantly, these workshops encompass both a theoretical and practical component so that the information taught can be reinforced in practical everyday activities as well as job-specific situations.

The aim of the workshops is to empower individuals so they can take responsibility earlier in the discomfort process and act to prevent injury. In our experience workshops are most effect when they are tailored to the specific employer or occupation. Above all the workshop must be interesting and engaging. A practical component usually helps to energise those attending and can help clarify the techniques.

Initially, each workshop consists of a similar theoretical component.

The second half of the workshop involves a practical session including: relevant neutral postures eg sitting postures; functional work postures; and self-management of discomfort including first aid.


Workshop Outline


Sitting Workshop

Ideal for office workers, call centre staff, administrators, academics.

The workshop includes:


Standing/Moderate Lifting Workshop

Ideal for mail officers, librarians, conservationists, supermarket workers, teachers, scientists, factory workers and police officers.

The workshop includes:


Manual Handling/Heavy Lifting Workshop

Ideal for builders, bricklayers, fire-fighters, ambulance crew, farmers, carers, nurses, and other professions that involve health lifting and manual handling.

The workshop includes:


Team Leader/Health and Safety Representative Workshop

Ideal for those in an organisation who have responsibility for managing health and safety and injury prevention stategy.

The workshop includes:

The aim of this session is to empower Team leaders to make good decisions and effectively proactively manage discomfort in their workplace.


Why educate?


Work Station Postural and Functional Assessments

We can provide Work Station Postural and Functional Assessments so as to ensure that your working environment is correctly set-up so as to reduce your chance of DPI. It is paramount that certain basic principals are correct, screen height, chair height/size, mouse type, or whether a foot-rest or copy stand is required.

Importantly, we will also spend time showing you how to use the correct work-station set-up efficiently and how you need to adjust your posture to suit the different tasks that you perform during the day. Although the ideal set-up is commonly depicted as a static posture, it must be remembered and reiterated that sitting is dynamic and we should know how to apply the principals so as to sit safely and comfortably in a variety of positions dependent on the particular task.

It is also important that you have some self-management tools and first aid techniques which you can use when you are aware of discomfort to avoid it causing pain or injury.

Lastly, it is important that if we are spending time treating you in the clinic then we want to be sure that you are not doing anything which may be hindering your expected recovery.



Our 1 hour Workshop prices start from $250 + GST

Our 10-30 minute (depends on complexity) Individual Work Station Postural and Functional Assessment, including report, is priced on the time taken to complete it and this depends on what is required. It is priced at equivalent of $250 + GST per hour.

We also reserve the right to charge a travel component on top of these fees dependent on circumstances.

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