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Athlete Sponsorship Programme


Who Can Apply? 

- Applications welcomed from the weekend warriors, sportspeople, exercise enthusiasts, as well as people of all abilities and disabilities.



1. Interested complete an application form which will be available at the bottom of this page.


2. The application process will last for one month with a two week evaluation period.


3. Candidates are selected and notified via Facebook and personal email.

4. Winners are instructed to attend an induction session where they will be given an in-depth presentation on the S4S and after informed consent asked to sign the S4S contract and complete an in-depth interview for the first blog post.



- 25 physiotherapy (discretionary) sessions with an accredited physiotherapist at no charge.


- Promotion of athletes through social media platforms.


- Access to our greater multi-disciplinary team at WSM/WSP with appropriate charges as indicated for services other than physiotherapy.


- Social Media support highlighting athletic achievements and competition promotion.

Athlete Commitment:


 Three interviews within a 12 -month period, or alternatively after every 5-6 physiotherapy sessions (the first one will be completed upon contract interview).


- Relative WSM/WSP posts will be liked and shared by athlete providing they agree with the content.


- The athlete will contribute to our digital content by providing photographic content to be used in blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts.


- The athlete will endeavor to mention our support during media interviews.



Any issues with the contract will be resolved in arbitration and discussed in an open and transparent fashion by both parties with the aim of mutually agreed resolution of an issue. The contract can be terminated in writing at the request of either party at any time.  Sponsorship will run from 3rd September 2018- 3rd September 2019. 


Click the link below to register your interest!