Telehealth Physio Appointments

We are now able to deliver physio appointments via Telehealth as an alternative to face to face appointments.

For ACC telehealth appointments clients have the option to make a voluntary co-payment of up to the normal surcharge.

Private telehealth appointments will have a 50% discount applied with the option for a voluntary payment to top the payment up to full price. 

Please contact our administration team for more information regarding our telehealth charges.

We appreciate your support through this challenging time.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of information and video conferencing technologies, to deliver health services and/or transmit health information to a patient when the clinician is in a different location. There are several secure conferencing platforms we are able to use for telehealth appointments including Gensolve,, zoom or Skype.

Telehealth allows the physiotherapist to connect with you securely to understand your current state, review your progress, give advice, and adjust or advance your exercises, and also discharge you from our care, or if necessary to set another appointment or Telehealth review. All this without you needing to be in the same place.

What are the benefits of using Telehealth?

  • We can continue with your care if you already have an existing injury, regardless of if you have seen us for this injury previously or not


  • We can assess and manage a new injury


  • Providing it meets the necessary criteria for an ACC injury, then we can lodge an ACC claim for any new injury


  • No need to contact your GP, or go to A+E, our physiotherapists may be able to manage your injury, and we will give appropriate advice following the Telehealth appointment (disclaimer; if you are overly concerned about your injury, or it is outside of our normal business hours, then please either contact your GP, dial 111, or ring your local hospital A+E or after hours service for appropriate advice)


  • Faster access to care 


  • You do not need to leave your house


  • We can ensure we have effectively managed your injury, and discharge you from our care without having to see you in person 


  • Appointments at convenient times

What appointments can you deliver via Telehealth?


If you are interested in workshops, worksite assessments or workplace services please email or complete the "Contact us" form.

How do I book an appointment

These appointments can be booked via email ( by calling 0800842749 or you can book online through our web portal


Below is a patient info guide on Telehealth, please email us if you have any queries about this service -