Kirsten Tatham


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Otago University 2001

I’m passionate about helping people overcome any pain or disability so they can return to the activities they enjoy and live the life they want. After graduating in 2001 from Otago University, I’ve been involved in many different areas of practice; initially my passion lay in neuro-rehabilitation working with stroke, spinal cord injury, and neurological conditions.

Most of my recent experience is with long and short term pain / dysfunction / injury of musculo-skeletal nature ranging from high-level sporting injuries to everyday common injuries in the workplace and home. I treat soft tissue injuries which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and basically any pain you have I can most likely treat it.

Being a holistic practitioner, I take an interest in a person as a whole. Pain is caused at many different levels in our bodies.  I use natural therapies to complement my practice allowing my clients to help themselves with their injuries.

Each person has their own lifestyle factors that need to be taken into account and when tailoring treatment to each client I take into account their priorities and time frames enabling them to manage and resolve their injury/pain the best way possible around their own lifestyle factors.

A lot of my treatment involves education around your pain/problem so you can manage it in between treatment sessions; knowledge gives you so much control and confidence in knowing the right ways to manage your injury in your everyday life-it’s a vital component of resolving the problem.

Treatment may include mobilisation, manipulation, manual therapy techniques, soft tissue massage, acupressure, dry needling or electrotherapy modalities. I give a full explanation before any treatment is carried out and you have the right to question or decline the treatment at any time.

I can assess your long term/short term pain/injury and If I think it is something that won’t respond to physio treatment, I will refer to someone who can help you, or I can refer you to have imaging (eg. X-ray or ultrasound) if necessary, keeping your GP or referring practitioner informed.