Nikki Wheeler



Nikki graduated from Otago University in 2005 with a Bachelor's degrees in Physiotherapy. She worked in private practise in Wellington, where she developed a passion for strengthening and rehabilitation, with a particular focus on using Clinical Pilates and core strengthening.

After several years she travelled to Tanzania, East Africa where she set up a Physiotherapy Clinic for people who otherwise would have limited access to qualified physiotherapeutic care. There she gained vast experience of 'outside of the norm' injuries and conditions, including many neurological conditions - and very few resources available to treat them with! After two years living and working there she returned to Wellington - fortunately the clinic continued on for many years with a succession of international volunteer physiotherapists.

For the last 7 years Nikki has worked across Wellington in the area of Elder Health Needs Assessment and Community Home Care. In her role she has worked extensively with the InterRAI assessment tool and has a large knowledge of community based support services, particularly for older persons. Nikki is also proficient in assessing for level of care and entry to Aged Residental Care Facilities.