Cost of Workplace Discomfort, Pain and Injury

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Workplace discomfort, pain and injury cost in two main ways:

Managing the cost of injury, pain and discomfort in the workplace

Experience shows that employers often don’t measure the cost of lost time and productivity due to musculoskeletal sickness absence.

Where sickness absence is measured it is often by Human Resources. However, the decision and budget to purchase early intervention services often sits with Health and Safety. This can make it difficult to see clearly the likely cost savings of introducing an early intervention programme. 

An important element of a good early intervention programme is detailed and regular management information provided by a specialist physiotherapist. Management information can show outcomes, and cost effectiveness as well as injury trends.

Getting prevention strategy right will save you money

ACC Research shows that workplace death and injury costs New Zealand $5,000,000 a day. 

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from discomfort, pain and injury. This is an area where quality is a critical success factor. At Willis Street Physiotherapy, a range of workshops are tailor-made for each company we work with.

Often our physiotherapists will visit the workplace prior to finalising the workshop to fully assess work conditions, risk factors and to ensure examples are relevant.

Injury prevention workshops can often be very dry

Both employees and employers often view these types of workshops as a chore, a box that must be ticked. This approach means the content of the workshop is unlikely to have much impact in actually reducing injuries. If employees are bored and the content is generic, rather than specific and relevant, employees are likely to switch off rather than learn key injury prevention skills. 

Nick, Grant, Kathryn and Ruth who deliver the workshops on discomfort, pain and injury prevention are skilled trainers who excel in making the training relevant, interesting and sometimes even amusing.

Feedback from diverse industry groups who have been through the training has been overwhelmingly positive with many employees expressing how they had expected to "be bored by the subject" but ended up "enjoying themselves" and therefore taking the key messages away and implementing the injury prevention strategies.

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