Breathing Programme

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At Willis Street Physiotherapy we have physiotherapists who are trained in treating breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome. Nick Conn Sophie Aitchison and David Bullen, Chris Crompton, Laura Ayre and Maarama Davis are all BradCliff certified physiotherapists.

One in ten New Zealanders experience some form of breathing disorder or chronic over breathing.  


Do you suffer from any of the following?



If the answer is yes, this service may benefit you.

Treatment involves assessing your breathing pattern, rate and blocks to normal good breathing. Then retraining through a series of exercises aimed at using your diaphragm better and developing techniques to change breathing pattern and get better control of anxiety and panic attacks.


The aim of the breathing programme is to reduce anxiety, break detrimental breathing habits and break the cycle (restore energy-efficient breathing, improve energy levels and renew self-confidence).


To book an appointment call 04 384 8313.



If you are having problems with anxiety there may be funding available.

See if you may be eligible for Primary Solutions funding through Compass Health.

Funding criteria:


To receive funding you must be referred on to the Primary Solutions Programme by a Compass Health GP. 

Click here to see the list of Compass Health GP clinics in Wellington.


If you do not qualify for funding then the fees are $94 per appointment. Typically 3-4 sessions works well.