What to Expect

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Bring your usual running clothes along to the assessment, along with your running shoes. If you have several pairs of shoes and want to know which pairs you run better in, bring up to 3 pairs along with you. When it comes to clothing choices, wear tighter fitting or shorter fitting items as it makes it easier for us to see what you are doing.

Weather permitting, we will do the assessment outside, unless you habitually run on a treadmill.

We will start the session by discussing your goals (both long term and what you can expect to gain from the assessment) and what your needs are with regards to your running.

We will then analyse your running gait. It’s unlikely you will run more than 1-2km in total during the assessment process. Video may be used as part of this process. We will give you specific drills to change aspects of your running gait, and reassess.

This is a trial and error process to find the perfect drills for you to use as part of your warm ups when running. The purpose of using drills is to use a motor learning process rather than a cognitive learning process to make the movement more natural, and to give you a tool you can use when you are out running.