Willis Street Physiotherapy - independent physiotherapy and wellness clinics in central Wellington, and on campus at Victoria University. Everything we do is geared towards quality, clinical excellence and providing our customers with a positive experience.

We have a team of expert practitioners who will work with you to set realistic goals so that you know what to expect from your treatment. For most conditions we expect to see significant positive change within 1-3 sessions. We work with clients through the acute stages of pain and injury, through to stabilisation and rehabilitation. This significantly reduces the risk of repeat injury.

Our initial physiotherapy consultations last 40 minutes as we believe that a thorough initial assessment will get your treatment off to the best start. Many problems are multi-factoral in nature (i.e. there are several contributing factors to assess) and the longer first session gives us time to work with you to identify these, and ensure goals are all encompassing and your treatment plan is comprehensive. Read more about physiotherapy at Willis Street here.




AskPhysioEbook CoverThumb"In 2014 Physiotherapy New Zealand threw this question out to the online community:
What one question would you like to ask a sports physio?"

Grant Plumbley, our Clinical Governance Manager, was asked to contribute to the e-book.
In his article on hamstring injuries, he represents the clinical philosophy of all our physiotherapists. Learn more.