Residential Care Physio

Willis Street Physiotherapy is a provider of Older Adult Physiotherapy Services 

We provide Physiotherapy for several residential care facilities across the greater Wellington region as well as in Nelson and are interested in expanding our services to other facilities and regions. 


At Willis Street Physiotherapy we believe we can help improve the safety and quality of life for older adults and the teams that work with them. Our team are highly skilled. 


We are an accredited practice under the Allied Health Sector Standards which means we value providing a quality experience and back that up with robust processes.


We have developed a model of care that we consider to be best practice and we are interested in working with facilities to implement the best version of this model.


What does our Older Adult Physiotherapy Service include?


- Assessing and helping residents with optimising their mobility

- Assisting care and medical staff with information on equipment necessary to support safe movement

- Rehabilitation or maintenance exercises

- Fall prevention committees and programmes

- Safe handling training for clinical and non-clinical staff

- Rehabilitation under ACC contracts when residents qualify

- Private physiotherapy home visits


Have you or someone you know had an accident and have ACC cover? With a valid ACC claim you may be able to access extra services.


Sometimes following an accident an older adult may require a period of rehabilitation to get back to their home. ACC provides resource funding to support returning to independence. With an ACC claim our team can access funding and help with recovery. 

Alternatively you can email your inquiries to or call our friendly admin team on 0800842749

Meet the Older Adult Physiotherapy Team! 

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Are you interested in Willis Street Physiotherapy becoming your physiotherapy provider? Contact Nick Conn (Managing Director)


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Are you a NZ registered physiotherapist and interested in joining our Older Adult Team?  Contact Nick Conn (Managing Director)


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